Urgent Care Facilities Address Back Pain Issues from Raking Leaves

For anyone who’s ever experienced raking leaves in autumn, it’s most likely a safe bet that it was one of those chores you never really took seriously as a kid. Now that you’re a bit older, and you have begun experiencing some lower back pain, it suddenly doesn’t seem like such a fun task anymore.

Raking Leaves

Why the Back Pain?

Medical professionals such as those from the Eagle River urgent care center say that the reason why back pain is usually associated with raking leaves, or any other similar chore, is that the movements put a strain on your back. It’s not just the rake that you’ll be handling, but also the container or wheelbarrow you’ll use to dispose of the raked leaves.

This task requires physical labor. There will be a lot of bending, stretching, reaching, and pulling using your upper body, thereby leaving your lower back vulnerable to pressure and strains.

Quick Fixes

Feeling a bit sore after doing a physical task such as cleaning up your yard is absolutely normal. For this, you can use ice therapy to cool down the inflammation of your muscles. Just make sure that you don’t put it directly on your skin so you don’t get ice-burn. Meanwhile, ointments can also help with pain relief.

Most importantly, getting a good night’s rest should help you recuperate after all the heavy work you did cleaning up your yard. Sleep should help you become refreshed and recharge for the following day.

Listen to Your Body

If, after using ice therapy, ointments and getting sleep you still don’t feel well, consider making a visit to an urgent care center in Eagle River, such as Primary Care Associates. It may be that there’s more than just a pulled muscle or pinched nerve causing the discomfort. Having a medical professional look at your condition will provide a clearer picture of the state of your physical health.

It’s a great idea to listen to your body even while you’re doing the task. You don’t have to overexert yourself while raking leaves. Pace yourself well so you don’t overuse your muscles and exhaust yourself in the process. 

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