Abating Asthma before Rushing to an Eagle River Urgent Care Clinic

The upcoming Fish Creek Festival, to be held at the Barbara Street Park and Kiwanis Fish Creek Park, is the perfect venue for a family holiday. With lots of free food, music, and activities, you and your children can have fun while mingling with everyone else in the community.


Though it’s going to be an exciting day, you or anyone in your family who has asthma should be prepared for a possible attack. Bringing an inhaler is important given the allergens and asthma triggers in the parks, including dust, smoke, trees and grass.

An asthma attack can be dangerous because it tightens and swells the muscles around the bronchial tubes, making it hard to breathe. In case you or someone you know has an attack, you should understand what to do before rushing to an Eagle River urgent care clinic.

Recognize the Symptoms

Asthma attacks start with a range of symptoms, including an itchy neck, fatigue, irritability, nervousness, and dark circles forming under the eyes. Although these early symptoms exist, people may not be able to notice them immediately.

If left ignored, the symptoms can manifest into wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and tightness in the chest. Once you detect any of these symptoms, you need to call for help and take action immediately.

Avoid the Triggers

The moment you or someone you know feels the onset of an asthma attack, leave the location where the illness was triggered. It’s best to find an air-conditioned room or a place with clean, fresh air where the person can sit. An attack can last as long as a person is exposed to the trigger.

Sit Properly

To make breathing easier, sit upright. Do not bend over or lie down because this can affect the flow of oxygen inside the body and make breathing more difficult.

Take Long, Deep Breaths

Panic can aggravate the attack, so the person must remain calm in order to relax their muscles. Taking long, deep breaths can help by slowing down the breathing and preventing hyperventilation. It also helps the patient remain calm when someone is there beside them.

These are some of the minor steps you can take to treat an asthma attack while medical help is out of immediate reach. It’s still necessary to bring the patient to a provider of urgent care in Eagle River, AK to ensure that the problem is treated.

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