Urgent Care and Walk for Life: How Daily Walks Lessen Health Risks

Fitness buffs sweat it out (literally) to find the most advanced, sophisticated workout they can find to maintain a healthy and well-sculpted physique. They go to gyms, engage in yoga or Pilates classes, or run several hours a week. Getting cardiovascular exercise for a new lease on life, however, doesn’t have to be that complex.


Walking Saves Lives

A report released by the Ramblers and Macmillian Cancer Support group found that walking for a considerable amount of time per day achieves the same result as running, and even lowers health risks. The report says walking about 25 minutes daily to fulfill the recommended 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise can actually save the life of 37,000 people every year. It could also lessen the incidence of Type 2 diabetes by 300,000 cases per year.

How Walking Is Better than Running

Another study done by scientists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California discovered that brisk walking lowers heart disease risks more effectively than running, with a 9% rate over running’s 4%. So, walking to the grocer’s daily for your kitchen supplies, walking your dog to the park in the afternoon, or walking to a friend’s house to visit aren’t really “non-athletic” activities. They may not be a formal workout routine, but they do promote wellness.

Walking Improves Sleep

The most exciting part is that daily walking actually enables your body to rest more easily when needed. A daily walk of 30 minutes over a five-day period will improve your sleeping habits and allow you to get higher quality sleep, according to a study by the Oregon State University. If you too often find yourself requiring urgent care in Eagle River for a number of ailments and physical complaints, you’ll see how walking may reduce those ailments.

Other Benefits of Walking

Below are other known benefits from mild or brisk walking, based on research presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress:

  • A 20 to 25-minute walk per day adds 7 years to your life.
  • Walking triggers an anti-aging process and helps repair DNA, making you look younger and livelier.
  • Walking prevents you from sitting continuously for more than 8 hours a day, a situation that increases the risk of cancer, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease by 90 percent.
  • Getting out of your seat and walking around for 2 minutes every hour raises your lifespan by 33 percent.

Nature Walk in Eagle River Valley

For those who want to enjoy their daily walks even more, the Eagle River Nature Center is sponsoring daily nature walks in July and August. A docent will take you on a three to four-mile walk around the Rodak Loop to learn more about the history of Eagle River Valley, as well as the vegetation in the area. Nature walks usually start at 1:30pm.

Interested participants may sign in at the front desk 10 minutes before the start of tour. The tour is FREE. Those who will be joining a walk for the first time are advised to bring water, a towel, comfortable footwear, light clothing, any needed medication, and hat. Participants who may need Eagle River urgent care services can go to Primary Care Associates on Snowmobile Lane – no appointment necessary.

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