Eagle River Campers Advised to Seek Urgent Care for Bug Bites Cure

They might be small, but bugs and insects are two of the most underrated menaces faced by most Eagle River campers. A simple insect or bug bite can lead to a number of more complicated situations if not treated immediately. For example, a single bee sting can lead to serious allergic reactions that can ultimately lead to death of the unfortunate victim.

Bug Bites Cure

This is why urgent care providers surrounding Eagle River campgrounds are doing everything they can to educate the various campers, as well as offer their medical services when needed.

Terrible diseases can come from the smallest bugs and insects 

The earth’s most dangerous insect, the common mosquito, has been known to carry large-scale diseases that can afflict humans. From malaria to dengue to the infamous West Nile virus, mosquitoes are notorious for spreading diseases and putting people they bite in danger.

Although there are specific methods of protecting yourself from being bitten while camping, it is always calming to know that there is an urgent care facility in Eagle River, AK that is prepared to administer the necessary immediate medical attention when needed.

Aside from mosquitoes, animal ticks and fleas can be found in abundance during the summer season, so it is useful if you can protect yourself against them as well. Ticks are usually found in grass or plants so a simple brush of your skin will allow the tick to attach itself to you and make you vulnerable to diseases carried by ticks, such as Lyme disease and spotted fever.

There is an angry red welt on your skin, should you be worried?

As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you suddenly find that you have red, itchy rashes or one big welt on your skin, it may be prudent to consult the nearest urgent care facility to treat it.

The rash or welt can mean one of two things: You’re allergic to something in the environment or a pesky bug or insect has just bitten you. Either way, it is imperative that you visit an urgent care provider to tend to it before the condition becomes worse.

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