Bear Paw Festival: Staying Safe with the Help of an Urgent Care Center

This year’s Bear Paw Festival is fast approaching and is getting many people in and around Eagle River excited. In fact, you may have already decided which activities you’ll be participating in. If so, make sure you take the necessary precautions to avoid hurting yourself.

Bear Paw Festival

There is no doubt that the Bear Paw Festival offers a number of fun and unique activities. Human foosball and the Slippery Salmon Olympics are two such activities that come to mind. However, participants in these activities, as well as the entire festival, should not have so much fun that they ignore their health. Some common conditions and injuries festival-goers may experience include:

Muscle Sprains and Strains

Whether you are joining the fun run or competing in the 3-on-3 basketball tournament, don’t forget to stretch your muscles properly prior to engaging in ant athletic activity. Doing so can significantly reduce the chances of sustaining a muscle strain or sprain.

Heat-Related Illnesses

If you plan on attending the festival for an entire day, you should wear sunblock, drink plenty of fluids and seek shade when possible. Heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses are a real risk for those who will be attending the Bear Paw Festival. Be sure to not stay in the sun for too long. If you experience any heat exhaustion symptoms, seek immediate medical attention at an urgent care facility.


Ensure you are adequately hydrated throughout the day, especially if you’ll be walking in the sun for extended periods of time or if you will be participating in physically strenuous activities. It would be a good idea to bring a water bottle from home and refilling it whenever you can. Dehydration can be a serious condition if not treated properly.

If you or your loved ones experience any issues while at the Bear Paw Festival, do not hesitate to drop by a trusted urgent care in Eagle River, such as Primary Care Associates. Experienced doctors can help detect and treat any symptoms you may be feeling.

What Are Heat-Related Illnesses?