Eagle River Urgent Care Clinics Share Safety Tips while Playing Golf

Looking for a great way to stretch those muscles and put your golfing skills to the test? You can join the 16th annual Best Golf Tournament in Alaska, happening on June 3 at the Settlers Bay Golf Course. As the name suggests, the tournament is bound to be a fabulous event, both for participants and spectators.

Injuries from Golf

Just like any sport, golf players need preparation to ensure that they’re in shape and ready for the game. While golf is a relatively low-impact sport, players can still get themselves injured. These injuries are often a result of poor mechanics or overuse.


Most of the time, it is a player’s lower back, elbow, wrist, hand, and shoulder that get injured. Fortunately, these injuries can be prevented if you take these steps recommended by Eagle River urgent care providers.

Improve your Swing

Golf swings involve a repeated movement, which can place significant stress on muscles, tendons, and joints. Over time, this repeated movement can result in an injury.

The first way of avoiding an injury is to improve upon your golf swing. This is done by using the proper posture, wherein you should stand with both feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. A proper golf swing also comes from the hips.

Some golfers tend to swing their club too hard or too fast, causing stress in their joints. The best golfers, on the other hand, practice a consistent swing tempo that isn’t necessarily fast. This is why you should always strive to take an easy and relaxed swing at the ball.

Warm Up before the Game

Other than improving on your golf swing, you should make sure to warm up before playing a game. Try stretching your muscles, taking a brisk walk, or doing a set of jumping jacks. You can also swing your golf club a few times to gradually increase your range of motion.

Work on your Flexibility

What makes golf different from other sports is that it relies on one’s flexibility to win the game. By regularly stretching your muscles, you can improve your range of motion and perform a more fluid golf swing.

Wear the Right Shoes

It may not look like it, but the wrong footwear can give unnecessary strain to your knees or ankles. This is why you should wear shoes with short cleats, as long cleats would only hold your feet planted as you swing.

Remembering these simple steps can do away with unnecessary visits to providers of urgent care in Eagle River, like Primary Care Associates, and ensure you have an exciting afternoon at the Best Golf Tournament.

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