Urgent Care in Eagle River: What to Do When ATV Adventures Go Wrong

With spring arriving soon, it’s a perfect time to consider booking an ATV tour through leading agencies such as Alaska ATV Adventures and explore Eagle River, Alaska and nearby areas. Generally speaking, ATV tours are safe for the entire family due to the nature of the vehicles involved; however, it’s still important to take important safety precautions while riding on any type of all-terrain vehicle.

Friends Riding ATV

Wear Proper Gear

Regardless of the type of ATV you’re riding, proper gear is a must. ATVs don’t have seat belts, so be prepared for a possible tumble with a quality helmet, goggles, gloves, and boots.

Inspect Your Vehicle

If you do any ATV riding on your own time outside of an organized tour, take time to inspect your vehicle. A pre-ride inspection typically includes evaluating tires for wear and visible signs of damage, checking controls, and ensuring that all ATV parts are properly lubricated.

Ride with a Partner

Simply taking a friend or two with you can provide some peace of mind while also making the experience more enjoyable. It’s also good to have a partner riding with you in case of an accident where medical attention is required and you need to be brought to an urgent care center in Eagle River, such as Primary Care Associates

Know When to Take a Break

Even the strongest, most experienced ATV riders need to take a break now and then. It’s easy to get fatigued when rolling through various terrains outside of the setting of an organized tour. When you’re tired, there’s an increased risk of making navigational errors or experiencing some type of accident.

Stay in Designated Areas

Always ride in designated areas to avoid running into unsafe terrains. Doing so also helps prevent excessive wear and tear on tires that may increase the risk of accidents where injuries may occur.

Don’t Extremely Modify Your ATV

While it is tempting to do so, modifying an ATV can increase the risk of accidents, especially when it comes to boosting engine power. ATVs are designed with certain limitations for a reason and shouldn’t be adjusted beyond vehicle capabilities.

Fractures and contusions or abrasions account for about half of all ATV-related injuries, according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System data. If you do sustain an injury while riding an ATV in Eagle River, AK or nearby areas, the staff at urgent care facilities can provide an assessment of your condition and even offer preventative tips for safe riding.


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