Eagle River Urgent Care: Flu Season is Here, Time to Get Vaccinated

The so-called “season” for influenza, or the flu, typically spans October to May, but Alaska has experienced little reprieve from the infectious disease this year.

Flu infections spiked last winter and again in summer, according to Donna Fearey, a state nurse epidemiologist. As far as when cases will multiply this season and what strains of the disease will emerge as most prominent, Fearey said, “Time will tell.”

The influenza virus has sporadically infected some Alaskans this October, bringing with it congestion, fevers and muscle aches as the state Department of Health and Social Services issued its call for people to get vaccinated.

Gerri Yett, immunization program manager with DHSS, urged Alaskans to receive their flu vaccinces “as soon as possible.”

Eagle River Urgent Care Flu Season is Here, Time to Get Vaccinated

The influenza virus—more commonly known as the ‘flu’—is a serious threat to your and your family’s health and wellbeing. You need to protect yourself at all costs. Vaccination is the primary method for preventing flu and avoiding its severe complications. You can get flu vaccinations from Eagle River urgent care clinics like Primary Care Associates

Info on flu vaccines

Flu vaccines in use today are generally safe and considered to be the most effective measure against influenza and other flu-related illnesses. In addition, the vaccines help enhance an individual’s immune system so he can stay protected even if a new flu strain emerges.

Who should get vaccinated

Anyone older than 6 months is recommended to get a seasonal flu vaccine. Getting vaccinated is especially important for people who are at high risk or who are constantly in contact with high-risk individuals, including the following: children with long-term health conditions like asthma or diabetes; children below 5 years of age; parents and other adults in constant contact with these children, and health care workers.

Additional medication

If you are already sick with the flu, a physician may also recommend that you receive additional medication such as an antiviral medicine. Although such medications will not get rid of the flu, they can help your body fight the infection and make your flu symptoms less severe.

If you have any questions about the current flu season or about getting vaccinated, please visit an Eagle River urgent care facility near you and talk to one of the physicians.

(Source: What you need to know about the flu — and flu vaccine — in Alaska)

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