Get Urgent Care in Eagle River: Health Protection from Weather Changes

Scientists and researchers continually warn the world about the effects of climate change. One can say that, of all the places on the globe, not many other regions express these effects more than Alaska. ABC News writer Colleen Curry reports that this U.S. state experienced chilly weather in the second week of July smack dab in the peak of summer season.

A cool mass of air heads toward the United States from the upper regions of Canada and Alaska this week, according to the National Weather Service.

ABC News’ Ginger Zee says the weather pattern is not an actual polar vortex, though.

According to the NWS, a mass of cold air will drop from the Arctic regions to Canada and then the upper Midwest next week.

Why Your Summer Is about to Get Colder

On paper, such unusual weather conditions may not seem like a big deal. However, for long-time residents of communities like Eagle River, these unexpected weather changes will likely have an effect on their health, potentially requiring them to visit the urgent care in Eagle River for treatment. After all, it is during summer when Alaskans get to experience temps as warm as 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cool air suddenly sweeping in, for instance, could cause some locals to develop a runny nose, constricting their airways and affecting their breathing. While not life-threatening on its own, these symptoms can be especially bothersome if they have an important business meeting to attend, deadlines to meet at work, or business events to organize. Fortunately, they can seek the advice of Eagle River urgent care specialists on safe and effective decongestants to use for their stuffy nose.

Meanwhile, the city of Anchorage also experienced wet weather toward the end of July. For individuals prone to suffering from allergies, this could spell trouble. Allergists say that pollens rise during and after rainfall, and many types of pollen can trigger allergy attacks. Those affected will be glad to know they can turn to trusted health care practitioners in their area for relief.

Weather in Alaska used to be easy to predict, but this year, it has been especially erratic. As the summer heads to a close and autumn creeps in, should Alaskans expect more surprises along the way? Whatever the case may be, locals who find their health affected by surprise weather changes can go to an urgent care office in their area, such as Primary Care Associates.

(Source: Why Your Summer Is About to Get Colder,, July 10, 2014)

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