Get Assistance for Hypertension at an Eagle River, AK Walk-in Clinic

An article by Marie Ellis on The Medical News Today website published on December 18, 2013, talks about the new high blood pressure guidelines released by the Eighth Joint National Committee. The new guidelines are deemed helpful in discussing hypertension, which is the most common primary care condition that oftentimes leads to a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and at worst, death. The report says the committee went on to address these following questions based largely on randomized controlled trials:

  • In patients with hypertension, at what blood pressure should medication be started?
  • What blood pressure goal should patients aim for in order to know they are getting health benefits from their meds?
  • When beginning treatment for hypertension, what are the best medication choices?

The article adds:

Rather than defining at which blood pressure (BP) level hypertension begins, the committee members identify “threshold blood pressure” levels at which treatment can begin.

They suggest beginning treatment in patients aged 60 and older at a blood pressure of 150/90 mm HG, but they note that “this evidence-based guideline has not redefined high BP and the panel believes that the 140/90 mm Hg definition from Joint National Committee 7 remains reasonable.”

In the end, the committee members who came up with the new set of guidelines stressed that these are not to be treated as “substitute for clinical judgment.” They highlighted that decisions on care should properly consider the “clinical characteristics and circumstances” of every patient. Such a discussion underscores the relevance of having urgent care units that are accessible to medical patients.

Get Assistance for Hypertension at an Eagle River, AK Walk-in Clinic

Patients in need of immediate medical attention should be able to rely on a competent facility like a walk-in clinic as their first line of defense against coughs, colds, migraines, minor cuts—and hypertension. If they think they are at risk for hypertension, they should visit a urgent care in Eagle River, AK for an initial consultation and subsequent assessments. Such a facility has the right equipment and, more importantly, highly competent professionals to attend to a patient’s needs.

These healthcare professionals are qualified and experienced in exercising good judgment in order to immediately give diagnoses and treatments when these are needed. If you have hypertensive tendencies, and you cannot see your primary care physician, your best bet is to visit an Eagle River urgent care or walk-in clinic to keep your blood pressure from rising. A local practice like Primary Care Associates can be trusted to instantly provide tests, screenings, and preventive medications or recommendations for further analyses.

(Article Excerpt and Image from New high blood pressure guidelines released by committee, December 18, 2013)