Ensure Workers’ Health with Help of an Eagle River, AK Walk-in Clinic

Finding a job is exciting, with its promise of a new start in a new environment. Before one gets to begin work, however, there are various requirements that he or she should meet. One of these requirements is a pre-employment medical exam. As much as these exams can be inconvenient to schedule, they don’t have to be. These exams are actually offered at a urgent care in Eagle River, AK.

A recent article in the Houston Chronicle written by Joseph Petrick explains the importance of these exams:

“A company has to ensure that employees are not using illegal drugs because substance abusers might exhibit behavior that is detrimental to a company’s production and finances. This is not just because they tend to miss work. A drug- and alcohol-free workplace helps reduce carelessness that may result in injuries or death, especially in businesses that involve the use of machinery. Pre-employment medical examination procedures used in screening the use of illegal drugs and alcohol can help you avoid these problems. “

Emotional Zen
There are a lot of career paths that will test an employee’s emotional and mental strength. Medical exams can help determine if a potential employee will fit into certain workplace atmospheres. People going into law enforcement careers, specifically, need to undergo these exams. As Petrick states, “These exams are vital in establishing you do not have underlying mental problems that may lead to misuse of your power as a state security officer with a duty to protect the citizens.”

Livelier Workplace
By conducting these tests, the employer will also be assured that a prospective employee can perform high-quality work. A medical exam evaluates the physical ability of an individual to handle the demands of strenuous jobs.

“A medical exam enables employers to recruit workers with qualifications that should increase efficiency. Physical fitness and health are requirements you need to join strenuous fields such as firefighting. As an applicant, you must go through a medical test that will determine whether your heart, lungs, eyes, ears and limbs are healthy.”

These are some of the benefits that companies gain when they conduct proper medical examinations. Companies interested in partnering with medical professionals or job applicants needing check-ups can turn to trusted Eagle River urgent care centers like Primary Care Associates for accurate and thorough examinations.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Importance of a Medical Examination in a Job Selection Process, Houston Chronicle, July 19, 2013)